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Published: September 21, 2015

What biopharmaceutical manufacturers really want in network partnerships

As the creation of new drugs for chronic illness progresses, we ask ourselves certain questions when thinking from a biopharmaceutical manufacturer point of view:

  • What key points do biopharmaceutical manufacturers consider when evaluating specialty pharmacy partners for distribution networks?
  • What capabilities do they prioritize most highly?
  • What factors benefit patients the most?

Three metrics come to the forefront when discussing features biopharmaceutical manufacturers prize most when assessing specialty pharmacy partners.

Key Performance Indicators: Adherence, Time to Fill & Access

As the role of pharmacists continues to grow in overall healthcare delivery, it is becoming expected that they offer expanded services and programs that improve adherence rates, patient education and remove barriers to access. -

Controlled trial-like conditions in the home

For many entities, there is a gap between the care a patient receives in a clinic or hospital versus the support a patient receives in their own home. One possible solution: integrate specialty pharmacists into at home patient care, ensuring higher levels of medication adherence, which will, in turn, earn more interest from manufacturers.

Expertise in Specific Therapeutic Areas

Experience matters. Biopharmaceutical manufacturers are placing a greater importance on track records of success in specific therapeutic areas that each therapy treats. Established relationships with clinical providers in specific therapeutic areas also positively influence overall comfort levels when physicians consider which pharmacies they recommend to patients.

To read the full article in Specialty Pharmacy Times, click here.

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