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We are committed to improving the lives of the patients we serve through high touch patient care.

Our clinically validated Medication Care Management® program and our innovative technology platform, MedPlan®, improve patient outcomes while reducing overall healthcare costs for our patients and partners.

Medication Care Management®

A highly clinical, high touch patient support model that focuses on building a 1:1 relationship with the patient while detecting, resolving, and preventing medication and health-related issues.


A grand finalist for the Microsoft Innovation Award, our patient management platform tracks and reports operational, patient reported, clinical, and financial outcomes.

Our Core Solutions


Collaborating to identify, address and resolve gaps in both patient care and commercial performance.

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Patient Journey Optimization

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Data Parsing and Data Mining

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cost calculator design and implementation

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Real-world evidence development and implementation

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Key Opinion Leader & Center of Excellence Engagement


Creating a more impactful connection with the patient and applying our proven services to deliver exceptional patient and partner outcomes.

Medication Management

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Personalized patient support

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Barrier Resolution

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CuraPak™ Adherence Packaging

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Safe & Timely Home Delivery

Care Management

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Accredited Clinical team

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Customized Care Plans

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Motivational Interviewing

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Coordination of Care

Evidence Reporting

Every Curant Health service begins with an outcome in mind which is ultimately measured and reported on to deliver validated results.

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Custom outcomes reporting

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Predictive & Prescriptive analytics

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Descriptive Analytics

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Linear Regression Trend Analysis

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Real-World Data (RWD)

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Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)

Solving healthcare’s biggest challenges


Increase in medication adherence compared to standard of care¹ ²


Patient improvement in health related quality of life (HRQOL)¹ ² ³


reduction in hospital admissions for polychronic patients¹ ²


decrease in all cause medical spend²

1. Evidence Based on IRB Approved Studies 2. Data on File, Curant Health. Smyrna, GA

3. Short IBD Questionnaire (SIBDQ) 

For Providers

20 plus years improving patient outcomes for our provider partners in Health Systems, University Medical Centers, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Specialty Practice, ACOs, and much more!

Improve Therapy Adherence

 Suite of services proven to remove barriers and positively impact the clinical outcomes of your patient.

Minimize Provider Staff Burden

Proactive provider collaboration and strategic patient outreach to help minimize provider staff burden in a measurable way.

Personalized Patient Support

Tailored health coaching and continuous support from our team of pharmacists, nurses, and patient care coordinators.

Robust reporting capabilities

Customizable, transparent, and comprehensive reporting to make sure you have the insights you need.

For Health Plans

Our personalized approach to patient care focuses on high-cost, complex care populations to improve outcomes, improve member satisfaction, and reduce the total cost of care.

Improve STAR Ratings

 Impact medication adherence and HEDIS measures through our clinically validated Medication Care Management® services.

Drive Member Engagement and Satisfaction

Dedicated clinical staff providing high-touch member support focused on building trusting relationships and improving outcomes.

close gaps in care

We take a holistic approach to our members health by identifying, reconciling, and closing gaps in care.

Reduce Total Cost of Care

Manage overall healthcare spend by reducing ER utilization, hospital admissions, and hospital readmissions.

For Pharma

Our Medication Care Management® model is validated by our Key Opinion Leader and Center of Excellence partners to provide measurable impact across the entire patient journey (Activation, Initiation, and Maintenance) while supporting brand strategy.

 Real-World Evidence

Proven Pre-PDUFA and Post-Marketing expertise in real world trial development with Key Opinion Leaders and Centers of Excellence. 

 limited/exclusive distribution partnerships

Customizable medication management protocols can operate as your primary fulfillment model and/or as a bolt on to existing hub services.

Patient Journey Optimization

A collaborative, high touch, and patient-centric model impacting the entire patient journey from patient activation to adherence.

Outcomes-Based Contracting

Proven results delivering clinical, financial, operational, and patient reported outcomes in real world, IRB approved studies.

For Employers

Leveraging business intelligence to develop and execute your healthcare strategy while leveraging clinical expertise to improve the lives of your employees.

Centers of Excellence Care Coordination

High-touch clinical care team support to optimize the employee care journey inclusive of working directly with COE’s to implement alternative delivery models.

Manage Overall Healthcare spend

Reduce total cost of care by improving medication adherence, reducing high ER utilization and hospital admissions.

Improve Absenteeism and Presenteeism

Clinical care team support for employees which results in an increase in overall workplace productivity with healthier and happier employees. 

Real-World Data Insights and application

Business intelligence team support for development of employee adherence tools including cost calculators and real-world evidence protocols.

"Curant has been tremendous and a real blessing. You all have saved my life. Thank you."

Robert, Multiple Chronic Conditons

"We were able to provide personalized services for Robert, because Curant Health and VCU ID Clinic have the same goal of ensuring patients experience the best patient journey."

Carol, Nurse

"The way Curant Health personalized Tim's medication packaging turned him around 180 degrees."

Jim Vollman, HIV Program Director


“You need to get a great team of people around you to help you through. Curant Health is definitely a part of my team.”

Joe, Diabetes Patient

“I could not ask for better service or for a better patient care coordinator. I always feel that Elizabeth cares sincerely!”

Donald, HIV Patient

“The conversation I had that day turned out to be a godsend. Enrolling with Curant Health has given me breathing room.”

Rick, Multiple Chronic Conditions

Better Health Care is Our Mission


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