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Published: December 8, 2015

2016 Trends in top therapies, including HIV treatments

Recently, there has been buzz on the top therapeutic areas to watch for in the healthcare world in 2016. In a recent edition of Managed Healthcare Executive, Curant COO Marc O’Connor gives his perspective on a few upcoming hot healthcare hot topics for next year.

Prominent categories of healthcare quickly becoming the center of attention due to ongoing treatment developments and increased levels of value include:

1. High Cholesterol. What should we look for?

  • Improved use of highly effective PCSK9 inhibitors
  • Increased discussions on current PCSK9 price tags, which last for an indefinite time period
  • Possible lowered threshold of treatment

2. HIV. What can we predict?

  • Increased adherence while on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART)
  • Evolution of promising therapies and HIV treatments
  • Increased overall healthcare savings via effective medication management programs

3. Hepatitis C. What can we expect?

  • Higher cure rates promised by new hepatitis C drugs
  • More hepatitis C drug approvals based on shorter termed clinical data
  • More unknown longer term medication efficiency from new hepatitis C drugs

In response to the question on what developments to expect in hepatitis C treatments, Curant COO, Marc O’Connor, compares cost to value:

“After all of the hubbub about pricing for Sovaldi and Harvoni, they haven't crippled the system and if prescribed and adhered to properly, they can be cost effective in terms of value,” he says. “The $94,500 price for Harvoni, which brings cure rates for hepatitis C patients versus a $577,000 liver transplant is easy to understand."

To read the full article on top therapeutic 2016 trends in healthcare, visit Managed Healthcare Executive.

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