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Published: September 29, 2015

Walk with Curant for cures and HIV treatment

We’ve talked about who we are: Curant Health is a team of healthcare experts who provide individualized, patient-centered services proven to deliver improved health outcomes.

We’ve talked about what we bring to the healthcare table, including the improved outcomes we’ve demonstrated in HIV treatment and diabetes.

Now it’s time to talk about ways we enjoy bridging the gap between being a healthcare company and the healthcare communities we serve.

The 2015 Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes and the 2015 AIDS Walk Atlanta will take place next month. Our participation as a company should come as no surprise, seeing how the purpose of these fundraising events reflects the objectives of the work we do at Curant.

Curant employees will participate in the Step Out: Tampa Bay walk on October 17, along with AIDS Walk Atlanta on October 18. As a team, we will contribute to the cause of finding cures, improving HIV treatment, increasing adherence rates and improving lives.

Our work with HIV

Recent study results highlight the work we’ve done in driving medication adherence and improving the effectiveness of HIV treatment. One study examined a cohort of approximately 600 HIV-infected patients at the University of Alabama Birmingham 1917 Clinic, all enrolled in Curant’s medication management program. Over the time period reviewed in the study, there was a statistically significant increase in the proportion of patients with suppressed HIV viral loads.  Of the approximately 150 patients who were not virally suppressed prior to enrollment with Curant Health, 66% were virally suppressed at follow-up.

Our work with diabetes

Our work with diabetes patients is also impressive. A 2013 study compared medication possession ratios (MPR) for diabetes patients enrolled with Curant Health with other patients receiving medication from a national retail pharmacy. In this study, Curant diabetes patients had a 35% higher MPR. Once again, our medication management programs are proven to drive adherence, improve outcomes and improve lives.

If you’d like to walk with us or make a donation on behalf of the Curant Health team, contact Curant Marketing Director, Kristin Lindsey at and be sure to check back for event photos after the walks!



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