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Published: May 18, 2015

Virginia Premier Health Plan Onboards Curant Health for Medication Therapy Management Offering

May 18, 2015 - Atlanta, GA - Virginia Premier Health Plan (VPHP) has selected Curant Health to participate as a provider of enhanced medication therapy management services for the managed care organization’s more than 185,000 members. An optional, value-add service, Curant’s medication therapy management program includes complete medication assessment and reconciliation, individualized adherence plans, custom packaging and ongoing monthly support through assignment of a dedicated Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) and clinical pharmacist for each patient enrolled.

“Adherence to proper medication therapy protocols has the capability of improving patient outcomes and lives while simultaneously reducing costs,” says Javier Menendez, R.Ph., MBA, CGP, Associate Vice President of Pharmacy, for VPHP. “Curant’s proven results in this capacity add a great service for our members and help us move the longest lever in reducing wasteful healthcare spending, medication adherence. But more importantly, we know medication therapy management improves lives, especially those with difficult to treat, chronic conditions.”

According to a 2013 IMS Health study, more than $105 billion in avoidable healthcare expenditures is directly attributed to medication non-adherence.

“We have been providing value-based healthcare services in a broken, fee-for-service world for more than a decade,” says Patrick Dunham, President and CEO, of Curant Health. “Our track record of improving medication adherence enables us to support organizations like Virginia Premier seeking to improve both sides of the healthcare value equation, outcomes and costs. Our 98% patient retention rate reflects this well.”

Curant Health’s medication management programs are proven to increase adherence by 69%, reduce readmissions by 86% and improve outcomes for the most difficult, most costly to treat chronically ill patients.

“We trust Curant Health will generate and deliver optimal medication therapy for each Virginia Premier patient who enrolls,” Menendez says. “Streamlining the prior authorization process through clinical oversight, and provision of data that yields a comprehensive view of patient adherence to medication therapies are key deliverables.”

VPHP is owned by the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, which meets the needs of underserved and vulnerable populations (include Medicare and Medicaid patients) in Virginia by delivering quality driven, culturally sensitive and financially viable healthcare.

About Curant Health:

Curant Health treats patients nationwide through its medication management protocols, including medication reconciliation and establishment of personalized medication regimens, and supports its provider partners and care coordination with its award-winning EMR, MedPlan™. Curant’s healthcare professionals provide individualized care proven to improve the lives of chronically ill patients.

About Virginia Premier Health Plan:

Virginia Premier Health Plan, Inc. is a non-profit Managed Care Organization. Owned by the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, we were formed to coordinate health care for low-income persons. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, we also have offices in Abingdon, Wise, Richlands, Winchester, Roanoke, and Virginia Beach. Our local presence enables us to serve vulnerable populations effectively.

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