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Published: July 25, 2016

How can CMS help ease the transition to value-based care?

The fee-for-service design of the healthcare industry has been the standard for the last 50-75 years. The simple fact remains that many stakeholders are still heavily invested in prolonging its tenure, even as irreversible steps are taken to ensure its eventual demise.

As we make the inevitable transition to value-based care, certain questions still need to be answered:

• What new models will CMS introduce to help gain traction for value-based care?
• How do we get everyone - from the clinician to the payer - to participate in value-based care?

CMS has long acted as the guiding force all healthcare stakeholders, especially when fee-for-service was the status quo. However, steps to facilitate the transition to value-based care require the introduction of new models.

One possible solution is to address stakeholder compensation. If CMS were to incorporate guidelines that ensured all stakeholders were compensated based on healthcare value to the patient, the focus would change from a service rendered – fee paid transaction mentality to one with a broader emphasis on overall patient care, health outcomes and well-being.

Check out Marc O'Connor's video interview on this topic here.

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