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Published: February 28, 2014

HealthStat Rx Is Now Curant Health TM

March 4, 2014 - Atlanta, GA - New name reflects the increasing value of proper medication therapy management in streamlining healthcare cost, improving patient care and creating life-enhancing outcomes. Pioneering medication therapy management company HealthStat Rx is changing its name to "Curant Health" effective immediately.

Founded in 2000, the company has evolved into an integral partner in care management for hospitals, clinics, healthcare networks, home health care providers and patients with chronic disease. Today, Curant fills a key gap between doctors and their patients and improves the lives of patients with chronic conditions nationwide. From effective medication packaging, to the integration of its MedPlan™ Medication Therapy Management software platform and associated pharma-analytics for physician and pharmacist reference, to frequent and direct patient outreach, the organization touches several key points of patient care.

Curant's medication management methods improve the lives of people living with chronic diseases, including Hepatitis C, HIV, diabetes and heart disease. According to a recent study with Purdue University and home care provider Amedisys, patients experienced a 75 percent reduction in hospital readmissions when participating in the Curant medication therapy management and intervention program. Curant substantially improves patient outcomes and lowers overall healthcare costs.

The name Curant, from the Latin "curia" evokes care, cures, councils and community. It is a more appropriate moniker for the company’s future and focus.

"It's not just about statistics and measurement," says CEO Patrick Dunham. "What matters, and what we do for people, bridges a significant gap between physicians and patients. It keeps 'the cure' front and center. Our capabilities, systems and patient care model have enabled us to profoundly change medication therapy management."

Please contact us today if streamlining costs and improving lives through smarter medication management makes sense for your healthcare organization.

About Curant Health

Curant Health treats patients nationwide through its medication management protocols, including medication reconciliation and establishment of personalized medication regimens, and supports its provider partners and care coordination with its award-winning EMR, MedPlan™. Curant’s healthcare professionals provide individualized care proven to improve the lives of chronically ill patients.

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