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Published: January 12, 2015

Curant Health Expands 340B Partnerships in Fight against HIV

Curant Health welcomes new partners in Georgia and Florida

Curant Health is pleased to start the New Year by expanding our services in our home states of Georgia and Florida. Although we operate on a national basis with partners throughout the United States, there is a particular gratification in gaining new patients within our home territories.

With offices in Georgia and Florida, Curant Health has personal, first-hand experience with serving health disparities in the southeastern region. Furthermore, we have a vested interest in helping our surrounding communities and alleviating their healthcare burden. This is evident in the number of 340B clinics we service across these two states. With locations ranging from Stone Mountain to Swainsboro in Georgia and Fort Meyers to Okaloosa in Florida, Curant Health has a large presence in the southeast. We currently partner with nearly forty 340B entities in the southeast; over fifteen of these being in Georgia and Florida alone.

On January 1, 2015, Curant Health welcomed Coastal Community Health Services, Glynn Care Center and Care Resource Community Health Center of Little Havana.  Coastal Community Health Services joins as a new partner; Glynn Care Center and Care Resource are extensions of existing Curant Health clinics.

HIV:  A continued threat in the Southeast

Coastal Community Health Services and Glynn Care Center are located in Glynn County—a Georgia region with a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS.  Data shows that outside of Atlanta, the coastal area of Georgia is home to the largest population of those with HIV and AIDS in the state. In addition to the high prevalence of infectious disease, the majority of those in need are low-income and uninsured. According to the Coastal Community Health Services Board, there is a “tremendous need” to stop the growing rate of HIV/AIDS by providing services for those who cannot afford the necessary treatment.

Care Resource Community Health Center of Little Havana is also home to a large prevalence of HIV/AIDs. Miami-Dade County ranks number one in the nation for cases of HIV/AIDS, and the clinic estimates that AIDS infects over 57,000 people in the Miami area. Care Resource is critical entity in the community as they make it their mission to not only provide treatment for those suffering with HIV/AIDS, but also to adapt constantly  to the changing demographics of the disease so that they always offer the most up-to-date and comprehensive services.

Expanding 340B services to provide much-needed care in areas hit hard by HIV

As the largest independent 340B specialty pharmacy in the nation, Curant Health partners with clinics like Coastal Community Health Services and Care Resource so that our services may reach the populations who need them the most.  By working with Curant Health and receiving our 340B services, non-profit health systems can offer comprehensive medication management services to low-income, uninsured or underinsured patients with complex, chronic diseases.

“Every time we add 340B partners, we improve lives and expand care where it is desperately needed,” said Patrick Dunham, CEO of Curant Health. “When our partner clinics open new locations, add new specialties and staff, and provide medication and critical care at no cost to patients with chronic diseases, we know our focus works.”

Curant Health’s expansion within Glynn and Miami-Dade counties is a promising step as we continue to expand our patient reach in the southeast and the nation as a whole. We look forward to the year ahead and the new opportunities it brings for helping more areas in critical need.

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