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Improve Patient Outcomes

Our suite of services are clinically proven to increase medication adherence, remove barriers, minimize provider staff burden, and overall positively impact the outcomes of your patient.

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Experts in 340B Partnership

It takes a strong pharmacy partner to build and maintain a successful 340B program, and Curant Health brings a long track record with proven results. Our substantial experience in 340B program management will benefit your operations as we implement and administer our pharmacy services.

comprehensive 340B Compliance Program

Our robust audit services program provides superior compliance support. We provide a dedicated 340B compliance specialist and a comprehensive compliance review which forms the foundation to keeping the integrity of your 340B program.

Building Successful Partnerships Since 2000

Curant Health offers one of  the most comprehensive and patient-focused 340B programs available, well-known for our expertise in patient care coordination, specialty pharmacy programs, and audit/compliance support. We strive to better your healthcare services by enhancing patient care, improving patient outcomes and keeping the integrity of your 340B program.

“When I have laid my head on my bed each night, I have been giving thanks to Curant Health. The way yout took control of our situation during our 340B audit was such a blessing. We have always been so pleased with the support and services you have provided over the years. This was above and beyond. We are so happy to be working with the entire Curant Health team."

Curant Health 340B Partner

"It has been such a pleasure working with the Curant Health team during our first year. I can truly say that their dedication to our 340B compliance has highly contributed to our success. The personal commitment to the quality of our performance, program understanding, consistent communication, and dedication has served as an asset to the established business relationship we have with Curant Health. I can truly say that Curant Health has exceeded all expectations."

Curant Health 340B Partner

"The relationship between the covered entity and Curant Health is unique and reflects what a true partnership should be. I have been a 340B auditor for years and this is the first genuine client/contract pharmacy partnership that I have ever witnessed."

340B Auditor

"You're my hero! I know times are tough but it's nice knowing Curant Health is there when I need them. Thank you for what you do!

Curant Health Patient

"My Patient Care Coordinator has been a great inspiration during these times. She goes beyond to make sure everything is taken care of and that I get my medications on time. Thank you to the whole Curant Health team for assisting me in everything I need."

Curant Health Patient


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