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Published: October 15, 2015

3 reasons to stop bashing biopharmaceutical manufacturers

"Biopharmaceutical manufacturers have been taking it on the chin lately as prices continue to skyrocket. The battery continues as candidates vying for their respective party’s nomination for the 2016 presidential campaign take their positions. As Chris Seper reported via Matthew Herper at Forbes, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both identified the biopharmaceutical industry as their proudest enemies."

In his latest contribution to Medcity News, Curant Health COO Marc O'Connor explains where Hillary & Co. have it wrong. Three reasons biopharmaceutical manufacturers are not the bogeymen many believe them to be.

"While it is true that improved alignment among all members of the continuum: biopharmaceutical manufacturers, PBMs, payers and pharmacists is needed to improve access to, and value for, high cost specialty therapies, the manufacturers seldom get credit for things they are doing right to the benefit to all concerned."

The highlights: programs that improve patient engagement and adherence, 340B support and therapies that bring real cures. To read the full article in Medcity News, click here.

To learn more about the ways Curant Health's proven medication management programs improve adherence and support value-based outcomes for biopharmaceutical manufacturers, contact Amy Hampton via email: or call 866-437-8040 today.

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