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Published: March 25, 2015

Want to reduce healthcare costs? Align pharma manufacturers, PBMs and pharmacists

Three of the most heavily invested players in the pharmaceutical industry are at odds.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have to recoup R&D costs and demonstrate accountability to their leadership and shareholders.

PBMs are responsible for driving down costs for their plan sponsors. Frequently, this is achieved by hard negotiations with manufacturers.

Pharmacists, the healthcare providers best positioned to influence patient outcomes and maximize the value delivered by high-cost medication therapies, are often afterthoughts to the conversation on healthcare cost reduction.

What is the secret to reduce healthcare costs, align strategic objectives, and delivering healthcare value? Refocus on the core concept that patients who are adherent to their medication regimens are healthier, less costly and help players in all three categories achieve their core objectives.

Pharmacists are already in the prime position to facilitate this exercise in placing the patient at the center. Read why and understand steps that can be taken today to align the patient care business in this recent Drug Topics article by Curant COO, Marc O'Connor.

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