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Published: October 6, 2017

Sharon Dudley-Brown on improving the standard of chronic care management for IBD patients

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Video: Positively impacting outcomes through pharmacist-led chronic care management for IBD patients.

Johns Hopkins Medicine and Curant Health are in the midst of a unique, 24-month project examining the impact of medication adherence and chronic care management for IBD patients. This ‘first of its kind’ pilot examines adherence impacts for all medications, not just one specific class. Quality of life, symptoms and patient outcomes including re-hospitalizations are all being measured.

In another first for the study, “No one has combined adherence with smoking cessation,” says Johns Hopkins Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor of Medicine Dr. Sharon Dudley-Brown. “We really want to capture that data.”

What resources are available beyond the primary providers of care for chronically ill patients to improve adherence and associated outcomes? “Are there ways to improve adherence without using myself as the provider or practitioner in the setting,” she asks. “Can this be done through the pharmacist and medication therapy management?”

Has the role of the pharmacist changed so significantly that their chronic care management capabilities for IBD and other conditions are as valuable to U.S. healthcare as their medication management capabilities?

“We are working to improve quality of life, patient outcomes and ultimately reduce cost over time,” Dr. Dudley-Brown says.

As we reported in 2016, Project ALIVE has generated a 30 percent improvement in adherence over the current standard of care. “We anticipate that our enhanced medication therapy management and patient support services will continue to demonstrate project value through outcomes improvement and impact on cost through a reduction in hospitalizations and ED visits for this patient population,” says Curant Health Director of Clinical Services Vickie Andros, PharmD. “Continuing to validate our work alongside Dr. Dudley-Brown, her colleagues, and most importantly improving the lives of people suffering from IBD, is central to our mission.”

To learn more, contact Culver Lyons, Marketing Lead at or call 678-981-7170.


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