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Published: August 9, 2014

Using positive patient outcomes as a measure of healthcare value

There is no question the entire U.S. healthcare landscape is transitioning from a fee-based delivery model to a value- or outcomes-based model.


Since our inception in 2000, Curant Health has had a singular focus on patient outcomes as a measure of healthcare value rather than having an operating model based on providing fee-based services. Driven in part by an increasingly apparent requirement to contain the unsustainable rise in healthcare costs, value is now front and center of the healthcare equation.

The clear intent of the bundled payment initiative launched by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in 2013 is a focus on cost containment and a more holistic, outcomes-based model.  What remains to be seen is whether impacted providers will be focused on simultaneously improving health outcomes and value or be focused solely on reducing service fees and costs.  While the pressure to focus on reducing the costs could certainly drive innovation, it could also lead to “cutting corners” in service delivery.  It is clear that there will need to be continuous review to ensure that patients’ positive health outcomes remain paramount in this new service delivery paradigm.

Curant Health has partnered with Amedisys on a nationwide, multi-year bundled payment study.  Our goal is to improve the health outcomes of the study patient set with our enhanced medication therapy management protocols.  These protocols have been shown to significantly improve patient outcomes and decrease overall healthcare spend.  Data collected from this study will be crucial in developing a comprehensive bundled payment program that keeps patients’ outcomes front and center while decreasing overall healthcare costs.

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Want to know more about calculating healthcare value through positive patient outcomes?  To learn more about Curant Health, contact Kristin Lindsey, Senior Marketing Director, at

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