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Published: April 5, 2016

Three Ways the Patient Experience is Changing

There is a change underway in the specialty pharmacy patient experience.

First and foremost, the patient and the patient’s direct care team - providers, clinicians and specialists - are focused on putting patient outcomes above anything else. Why? It’s simple: the costs associated with not attaining improved patient outcomes have a domino effect on all players in the healthcare community.

Second, services like those Curant Health provides - high-touch patient services through a multi-faceted approach - have been proven to guarantee increased rates of medication adherence.

Third, the level of patient care that Curant provides, along with increased medication adherence, will give PBMs and manufacturers the assurance they need to go at-risk with their plan sponsors.

These three approaches have the same end goal in mind: improving the patient experience and outcomes.

To watch Marc’s video on the changing specialty pharmacy patient experience, visit Specialty Pharmacy Times.

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