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Published: November 5, 2015

The Who and What of ACG 2015

ACG 2015 was a remarkable mixture of clinicians, manufacturers and medical device companies focused on the sharing the new processes, drugs and technology targeted to the gastroenterology space. In addition to IBD-related topics, hepatitis c and new medication therapies were the topic of much discussion. As expected, clinicians provided most of this year’s most valuable conference takeaways.

3 major takeaways from ACG 2015

1. The prior authorization process poses a significant challenge to care. The clinicians in attendance expressed concern regarding the on-going efforts required to get patients through the prior authorization process. Frequently, it seems that “who you know” on the other end of the line ensures a smoother PA process.

2. There is misalignment between manufacturers, pharmacies and payers regarding the cost of treatment. One clinician went as far to say, “Payers only care about cost of treatment today.  They don’t care at all about tomorrow’s cost as there is a chance they won’t be covering this patient.” Our COO Marc O'Connor wrote about misalignment among prescribers, manufacturers and payers earlier this year.

3. There is a battle brewing between Clinicians and “Doctor Google.” With nearly any information being easily accessible via the internet, patients frequently search the internet or blogs to get feedback on prescribed therapies and treatment plans. Increasingly, information found online may push patients away from the care plan their doctors have developed.

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