One of our pharmacists received a call from a patient in distress. The team jumped into action in a way that perfectly demonstrates how we live and work by our guiding principle: treating patients like family.

While “Jonathan’s” case is not common for the tens of thousands of chronically ill patients we serve, what is common is our team’s commitment to personalized, compassionate care, excellence in care coordination and medication care management. Every day we improve the outcomes and lives for the most difficult to treat, chronically ill patients across the country.If you or a loved one suffers from multiple chronic conditions and need help managing complex medication regimens, call 866-276-7906 or email

If you work for a health plan seeking to improve member medication compliance – a key driver of quality scores and patient outcomes, contact Bryan Wessling at 866-853-6411 or

If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer seeking to improve access, adherence and MPRs, contact Zach Leonard at 866-853-6411 or



Patrick Dunham
President & CEO
Curant Health