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Published: November 6, 2015

New Curant Cares Award Recognizes Employee Morale

For employees at Curant Health, caring for patients is a fundamental job role. Advocating on behalf of our patients, verifying and collaborating with insurance payors to ensure accurate flow of information and medication coverage are all daily responsibilities that require a high degree of care and compassion.

At Curant Health, we witness our employees dutifully fulfill their job responsibilities by caring for others on a daily basis. However, we want to recognize the employees who take this commitment to care one step further.

The Curant Cares Award is an award given to employees who provide exceptional assistance to others who are facing challenges—both personal and professional—that impact work life. This person interacts with others in a positive, enthusiastic and cheerful manner, gains the respect of co-workers, supervisor, and clients alike, and remains calm and assured in a crisis. Ultimately, this is an employee who goes above and beyond in how they treat their Curant Health family.

Our second recipient of this award is Jenecia R., the Revenue Cycle Manager at the Georgia office.

Our AP Specialist was very sick a few months ago while in our office and needed to go to the emergency room. Jenecia called 911, but they were having trouble finding our building.  Jenecia took P. to the hospital herself.  Jenecia stayed calm, helped calm P. and sat with her until P’s family could be with her.

“I can never thank Jenecia enough for all her help when I was sick a few months ago.  When I asked her to drive me to the hospital, she didn’t hesitate.  I am so grateful for all the kindness and patience she showed me through one of the most challenging times in my life.  She kept me calm and tried to reassure me that everything would be ok.  She went above and beyond to make sure I was ok; she even called and checked up on me that night and next day.  I appreciate Jenecia and will never forget how she was there for me.  Thanks Jenecia for being a great co-worker and an awesome friend, you are the best!”


“This is just one example of Jenecia being caring and thoughtful, she is always helpful and maintains a calm, professional manner regardless of how stressful things may be at times.  She has had a number of issues to deal with at home affecting the health of close family members, but remains committed to completing her work on time and always takes time to help out other team members.  She takes care of her own family, her Curant family and even manages to find the time to study for her Accounting degree in between.”

-Angela C., Curant Health team member who nominated Jenecia for this award.

All of our employees at Curant Health are exceptional people who contribute to the overarching goal of helping patients adhere to medications and have better health outcomes. The Curant Cares Award is one of the ways we show the amount of appreciation and gratitude we feel toward our fellow team members.

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