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Published: May 6, 2019

Medication Care Management™ Reduces Medical Spend by 43% for Virginia Premier

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Outcomes data from Curant Health’s Medication Care Management™ program shows a total cost of care reduction of $511 per member per month, or $1.4 million per year, in a cohort of 232 Virginia Premier patients with multiple chronic conditions.

Atlanta, Ga., April 29, 2019—Data analysis of a cohort of 232 Virginia Premier members enrolled in Curant Health’s Medication Care Management™ program showed a 28 percent reduction in Total Cost of Care (TCOC) compared to non-enrollees. Patients had multiple chronic conditions and complex medication regimens. Analysis included data from August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017. The 28 percent reduction translates to $511 per member per month or $1.4 million per year compared to the 12 months prior to members enrolling in the program. Patients enrolled in Curant Health services demonstrated a 43 percent decrease in medical spend,” said Javier Menendez, vice president of pharmacy operations for Virginia Premier, a non-profit managed care organization wholly-owned by VCU Health System serving approximately 265,000 members. ”We appreciate Curant Health’s ability to improve clinical outcomes while reducing the medical spend and utilization of these challenging patients. They do a great job of getting complex chronic condition patients to take their meds and optimize pharmacotherapy.” The Medication Care Management™ program includes prescription fulfillment, assignment of a dedicated patient care coordinator (PCC) for each patient, monthly direct patient contact, 24/7 patient access to pharmacists and PCC's, customized adherence packaging, financial support including co-pay assistance, clinical team access for escalation beyond the PCC, care coordination with providers frequently for medication reconciliation and data analytics reporting on adherence measures. “Although pharmacy spend increased by 14.6 percent, a direct result of increased medication adherence and patients filling medications on a regular basis, all cause medical spend decreased by 43 percent,” said Curant Health Chief Revenue Officer Jake Caines. “The net impact was both a more adherent patient and a reduction in TCOC which amounted to 28 percent. Medication Care Management™ has many levers available, but the goal of Curant Health’s MCM model and of value-based care in general is to pull the right levers in the right way in order to provide measurable, meaningful impact.  The Virginia Premier partnership is a testament to this approach.” Caines cites reductions in ER visits, hospital admissions and readmissions as the primary drivers in total cost of care reduction. A previous study conducted by LPACO (Louisiana Physicians ACO) showed a decrease in medical spend of $519.93 per member per month, with two-thirds of those patients showing a monthly decrease in medical spend averaging $950.27.
Curant Health is a medication care management and specialty pharmacy company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Curant’s programs and services improve the lives of chronically ill people nationwide while reducing the overall healthcare spend. Specially trained patient care coordinators and pharmacists form the foundation of the program. Regular, intensive interaction with caring Curant Health professionals provides support for patients dealing with the daily challenges of living with chronic conditions. Media Contact: Culver Lyons, Marketing Coordinator, Curant Health –[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]
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