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Published: April 11, 2018

Improving Persistence: Brand Team Dos and Don'ts

April 10, 2018 – Curant Health Senior Director of Commercial Strategy & Performance, Jake Caines, in

If persistence is the gold standard by which brand teams measure success investing the right amount of time in the right type of resources is critical. In part 4 of this 4-part series, we will discuss tactics brand teams and partners should follow to improve medication persistence.

Gone are the days of driving market share by simply having more field representatives call on the same number of physician offices. Physicians simply don’t have the time. Drugs are more complex than ever, and patients access more, often inaccurate, information from outside influences, including “Dr. Google.”

In the current market landscape for pharmaceutical brand teams, achieving higher levels of patient persistence will require collaboration and partners within every aspect of the patient journey with a firm focus on real-world outcomes. Here are three big ideas and to-dos brand teams can implement to make a positive impact on persistence and patient outcomes.

Market Access Solutions

Managed care organization formularies are shrinking. To get on formulary and stay there, the pharma brand team must move beyond brand message and engage in activities that support overall patient needs. The most critical to-dos are to educate, support, and listen, especially to individual patients’ real-world access and adherence issues. And, if your team is solely dependent on pivotal trials, your team is behind. If you are missing real-world data on persistence and product performance, get it. Your customers, including MCOs, are going to demand it as the shift from fee-for-service to outcomes-based payment accelerates.

The big idea to drive market access: it is imperative to consistently demonstrate real-world patient value to achieve and maintain optimal position on formulary.

To read about the other two big ideas on what brand teams can do to drive persistence, check out the full article in Pharmaceutical Executive here.

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