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Published: May 22, 2015

Healthcare Stakeholders Believe MTM is Groundbreaking; Curant Already Knows It

We are proud that MTM is becoming the number one topic for many healthcare stakeholders. For instance, the recent 2015 Medication Therapy Management Congress for Health Plans was held in Las Vegas this past month. The main focus on the agenda: increasing the awareness and use of MTM. What’s the golden nugget in all of this? Curant Health has been saying this for years. We are not new to the MTM world and in fact, we are delighted that others are catching up.

At Curant, the idea and practice of MTM “has been producing strong outcomes for the past several years. We are not just now embracing MTM due to anticipated CMS Star Rating Performance impact,” states the HCV Program Director of Curant, Amy Hampton.

When it comes to the practice of MTM, we have the patient numbers, we have the proof that it works and we also have a major head start over other healthcare stakeholders. The one area where we place the most value is on the importance of a personal touch and a whole-patient, value-based view of healthcare. Our Patient Care Coordinators (PCCs) look at patients through value-based lenses. The MTM engagement rate of our HCV patients is at 100%. Why? Because at the end of the day our patients are humans with emotions, values and needs. It’s not rocket science to us that the best approach to a successful MTM relationship is to treat everyone how you would want your grandparents to be treated. Our MTM pharmacists and PCCs are not robots; they enjoy patient interaction and from the feedback we’ve received - our patients prize it as well.

“Our MTM services are offered to a broader group of patients, opposite of health networks and plans with stringent qualifier guidelines,” explains Hampton. That’s what we hold dear: engagement, improved lives and our distinctiveness.

As evidenced by the wealth of healthcare conferences taking place at any given time, it’s clear that many in the industry do want to find solutions to address current challenges with the system. It’s true that whether companies are value-based or fee-for-service, there has to be interaction and engagement with the patient. So, while we are extremely happy to hear that more and more people are adopting elements of MTM, we also are extremely proud to say that we’re among the first to get there.

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