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Published: August 6, 2021

Benchworks Partners With Curant Health to Provide Outcomes-based Consulting

A leader in outcomes-based patient support, Curant Health will partner with Benchworks Consulting to integrate management consulting services with best-in-class patient activation programs.

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Benchwork’s management consulting arm, BW Consulting, announced today that it will partner with Curant Health, an industry leader in outcomes-based patient support programs, to provide leading-edge consulting and engagement services for its pharmaceutical industry clients.

As the nation’s leading Medication Care Management® provider, Curant Health will leverage BW Consulting’s unique industry expertise in orphan and specialty pharmaceutical launches to provide customers with outcomes-based management consulting.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with BW Consulting. We believe that their hybrid agency-consulting model is a perfect adjunct to our novel, clinically validated Medication Care Management® programs. Combining our unique patient protocols with our innovative technology platform, MedPlan®, we have consistently demonstrated improved patient outcomes while reducing overall healthcare costs for our patients and partners,” said Jake Caines, Curant’s Chief Revenue Officer.

For more than 20 years, Curant Health has specialized in providing high-touch clinical support to patients with chronic diseases, resulting in improved outcomes for patients and partners. Curant’s patient outcomes programs have shown to increase medication adherence rates by 53% and demonstrate an 80% patient improvement in health-related quality of life.

“Providing strategies that leverage insights from real-world patient data is a key differentiator. We believe that our new jointly developed Model for Activation of Patients (MAP®) will be a game-changer. By leveraging Curant’s unique predictive analytic method in combination with our rare disease/gene therapy consultancy, we will be able to enhance our product-launch and in-market accelerator offerings,” said Joe Medel, Senior Vice President, BW Consulting.

Curant Health’s offerings have been independently validated and have demonstrated success in Patient Activation including:

  • Patient Identification: Proprietary algorithms are used to identify patients whom will be most impacted by engagement and intervention.
  • Adherence Barrier Identification: In a national Real-World study, Curant Health increased the identification of Medication-Related Problems by 74%.
  • Adherence Improvement: 53% Improvement in Medication Adherence.
  • Patient Retention: 98% Patient Retention Rate.
  • Cost Reduction: 43% decrease in medical spend.

About Curant Health

Curant Health is a leading outcomes-based patient support organization headquartered in the Atlanta area. Curant Health focuses on transforming the patient journey and providing consistent, improved outcomes through their unique, high-touch approach.

Curant Health’s transformational processes and programs provide chronic disease expertise and support to improve both the therapy experience and the quality of life for chronically ill patients. Curant Health improves patient outcomes through pharmacist-managed medication management programs, comprehensive therapeutic monitoring and medication packaging designed to fit each patient's lifestyle.

Curant Health’s medication management approach brings the patient journey full circle through strong collaboration between the patient, healthcare providers and medication management experts.

About BW Consulting

Part of the BW Health Group family of companies, BW Consulting is an outcomes-focused healthcare consultancy — a collaboration of management consulting pros, former biopharma brand executives, strategists, technology experts, and scientists. With over 20 years of experience in rare disease, gene therapies, and emerging biologics, BW Consulting has launched over a dozen brands leveraging a data-driven omnichannel approach. BW Consulting uniquely builds commercial strategies starting at the patient level. By leveraging the latest machine learning tools to analyze millions of real-world de-identified patient records, BW Consulting provides solutions that drive outcomes. For additional information, please visit or call 800-536-4670.

About BW Health Group

BW Health Group is dedicated to advancing the commercial goals of clients in the life sciences through a family of companies providing award-winning strategy, design, production and execution of marketing, branding, pharmaceutical distribution, technology, and commercialization services. BW Health Group includes Benchworks, a full-service marketing and communications agency most recently named to MM&M 2021 Agency 100; and BW Consulting, a life sciences consultancy division. BW Health Group also has a strategic partnership with Occam Health, an independent patient services provider. For additional information, please visit or call 800-536-4670.


Media Contacts:
Curant Health: Culver Lyons

BW Consulting: Michelle Garvey

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