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Published: September 6, 2017

Partnering to deliver proactive, impactful care coordination: VCU ID Clinic and Curant Health

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Matthew Bare, Assistant Director VCU Ryan White Program, recently shared with us a few of the top ways Curant Health fills gaps in care coordination for providers of all types including 340B covered entities and university hospitals.

“VCU ID Clinic partnered with Curant Health four years ago and during that time, I have really come to appreciate 3 specific aspects of our partnership:

High levels of responsiveness

  1. The strong relationships between the staff on our two teams means we can solve patient problems quickly and efficiently. The Robert G. patient story is just one example of our teams working together to give our patients better patient experiences. I know that I can reach Leigh (our Client Strategy Specialist) quickly for answers to my questions, and other VCU ID Clinic team members have similar relationships with Curant staff. The near-immediate response time from Curant Health means we can then resolve patient issues quickly and provide them with a great experience with our clinics.

Compliance and training

  1. Curant plays a major role in assisting with 340B compliance training. Leigh and the Curant team have done us a great favor by providing compliance training for my staff, in addition to providing ongoing training on how and when to send patient referrals. In practical terms, this means my time is freed up to focus on my other tasks. One of the best aspects of our partnership is that because I know the Curant Health team is managing all the details of our partnership, I have the time and space I need to focus on my work.

Personalized patient service

  1. Our patients love the personalized service. We have heard repeatedly from our patients that they love having their PCC call them each month and that the PCCs take time to build relationships with them. Patients appreciate not having to work through a series of telephone prompts to get the support they need. I think that providing this kind of stability for our patients and developing relationships with their PCC encourages them to become and remain adherent to their medication regimens. This kind of personalized relationship leaves our patients feeling empowered and in charge!”

About the VCU ID Clinic

Established in 1986, VCU HIV Services is the largest and broadest of its kind in Virginia. Its mission is to improve the health and social condition of persons living with HIV and to prevent the spread of the disease. The on-campus comprehensive outpatient HIV/AIDS care clinic is the largest in Virginia, caring for more than 2,200 HIV-infected patients. It serves as a regional referral center for adults and children with HIV infection throughout Virginia. VCU HIV Services provides clinical care, social support services and peer advocacy programs for its patients.

Providing value-added resources to support clinic growth and efficiency

Between January – April 2017, Curant Health provided over 70 hours of support on more than 200 prior authorization facilitations. During the same four-month period, the Curant Health PCCs made over 1,000 calls to VCU ID Clinic patients, spending more than 85 hours providing personalized support for shared patients. Our partnership support during the first 4 months of the year totaled more than 1 month of time for the VCU ID Clinic team, time the team can spend on providing additional patient care. Said a different way: patients instead of paperwork!

“One way we work well together is in the upfront identification of patient insurance eligibility for our medication management program,” says Leigh Neal, Curant Health Client Strategy Specialist. “We perform near real-time eligibility checks at our partner’s request to confirm whether patients will be covered if they enroll in our program. We are then able to notify VCU ID Clinic and the patient quickly of the results. Most of the time providers simply can’t keep track of the pharmacy benefits offered by the many, many plans different patients are on. Our no-hassle eligibility checks help prevent any guesswork.

“The service we offer removes the ‘unknowns’ around insurance coverage. This allows providers to focus on the benefits of medication management. For patients who decide to enroll with Curant, the upfront research on insurance coverage means an easy transition to their own, personalized medication management program.”

If you are a 340B covered entity clinician or administrator and want to learn more about the most robust, compliant 340B program available, email Health Systems Manager Amber Adams at or call 678-981-7488.


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