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Published: August 16, 2017

Curant Health: Your 340B Compliance Partner

Since 2009, Curant Health has offered 340B contract pharmacy services and medication management support programs to partnered 340B covered entities on more than 25 HRSA audits and client self-assessments.

Curant has a robust audit services program designed to provide superior compliance support. Our 340B audit services program built on three fundamentals:

  1. Deep experience
    We have developed effective practices that add value to 340B audit support, leading to a true partnership approach.
  2. A team approach supported by abundant internal resources
    We offer fill team support to provide timely, comprehensive and cohesive input on data requests.
  3. Proven processes
    We provide personalized medication management procedures to our partners and a dedicated 340B Compliance Specialist to facilitate data collection and review all needed information required for routine audits.

Curant partners complete audits with confidence
In August 2016, one of our 340B partner clinics underwent an inventory drug review, followed by a third party routine audit in March 2017.

After the audit, the auditor said:

“The relationship between the covered entity and Curant Health is unique and reflects what a true partnership should be. I have been a 340B auditor for years, and this is the first genuine client/contract pharmacy partnership that I have ever witnessed.”

After the audit, the clinic partner said:

“There was never a time that we felt that we were in this audit alone. We were never kept waiting for answers [from Curant], and that made the whole audit process runs smoothly. Curant has demonstrated experts in 340B compliance.”

Ready to learn more about Curant Health’s 340B compliance program and audit support collaboration? Contact Health Systems Manager, Amber Adams at

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