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Published: September 13, 2016

Celebrating Collaboration: Curant Health at Health Connect South 2016: Regional Assets, Global Impact

At Curant Health, we owe much of our success effective collaboration with our industry partners including pharmaceutical manufacturers, clinicians, insurers, patients and many incredible 340B and Ryan White entities.

In the same spirit of collaboration, we are honored to be part of Health Connect South 2016: Regional Assets, Global Impact. On Wednesday, September 21, Curant Health COO, Marc O’Connor, will share his insights on cancer’s trend towards a chronic condition alongside Nancy Paris, CEO of Georgia CORE (Center for Oncology Research and Education) and Lori Chmura, President of Dune Medical, makers of MarginProbe.

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Health Connect South Founder & CEO Russ Lipari said, “Our mission at Health Connect South is simple: to serve the health community as a sustainable platform for regional health collaborations. Through our collective work, we seek to broadly define and advance the Southeast’s role in the future of health. Serving as a gateway between health industry silos, we seek to provide unique and meaningful partnership opportunities in health. We will advance our mission by bringing together top-tier health leaders and innovators across disciplines to engage each other in collaborative conversations focused on meeting identified health needs through leveraging supporting ideas and institutions.”

Read more about the opportunities that await healthcare industry leaders at #HCS2016.

What are some of our favorite stories of partner collaboration currently improving outcomes and lives for thousands of people living with chronic illness? Glad you asked!

• Our patient, Robert W. had only months to live. Presenting with a CD4 count of only 21, and weighing 98 pounds, his HIV had progressed to Stage 3 AIDS. Though he wanted to get better, he had to make decisions HIV positive patients have to make all too frequently: which medications should he buy to manage his HIV treatment based on what he could afford? Complicating Robert’s case was the fact that he had developed coronary heart disease and needed a bypass.
Read more about how Curant Health partnered with Robert and his healthcare providers at Virginia Commonwealth University to provide a personalized medication management program that got Robert back on the right track.

• The University of Alabama Birmingham 1917 Clinic, where Curant’s medication management program led to viral suppression in 103 HIV patients out of 157 who were not suppressed prior to program enrollment;

If you would like more information on how our personalized medication management programs and patient support services are proven to improve outcomes and lives, or if you would like to connect onsite at Health Connect South 2016 in Atlanta, email or call 866-437-8040.

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