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Published: January 14, 2014

HealthStat Rx Announces 11 New Healthcare Partnerships Starting January 2014

January 14, 2014 - Atlanta, GA - Non-Profit Healthcare Organizations Greatly Expanding Service Offerings for Economically-Challenged Patients, Made Possible by 340B Savings and HealthStat Rx. HealthStat Rx, one of the nation’s leading medication therapy management companies, announced the addition of 11 new clients in January 2014 that are recognized by the federal government as "340B covered entities."  Including three hospitals, the number of potential patients who can now be reached under this program through HealthStat Rx is more than 67,000.

These organizations include:

  • Community Health & Wellness of Greater Torrington
  • Girard Medical Center
  • Jefferson Comprehensive Care
  • Halifax Health
  • Mountain Family Health Care
  • Newark Community Health Centers
  • North Georgia Health Care Center
  • Oakhurst Medical Centers
  • Shands Medical Center
  • St. Joseph's Mercy Care Services
  • United Community Health Center

"The partnership with HealthStat Rx is very important and strategic," explained Ken Prince, Director of Operations for Saint Joseph’s Mercy Care Services. "They leverage resources that we could not on our own—specifically monitoring patient medication compliance in a very active way. That level of patient engagement will help not only patients in achieving their desired outcomes, it will lower the cost of care in the long run by keeping patients out of emergency rooms."

HealthStat Rx empowers healthcare organizations to participate in the 340B federal drug program by alleviating the burden of medication therapy management. By ensuring efficient and timely delivery of medication and working with patients to adhere properly to their medication plans, the result is better patient outcomes, lower hospital readmission rates and compliance with 340B standards. The HealthStat Rx model is raising the bar on not only patient care itself, but on the economic model that allows clinics to broaden reach and services across the care continuum.

"We have found that our patients can save anywhere from 30-50 percent on essential drugs they need through the 340B program," added Jeff Taylor, CEO for Oakhurst Medical Centers. "We also feel that with HealthStat Rx handling the pharmacy case management, we can improve patient outcomes more efficiently."

The 340B program enables such robust medication savings for non-profit entities that it greatly enhances the services that these organizations can offer to poverty-stricken patient populations.

"To date, we have seen clinics open new locations, add new specialties and staff, and provide medication and other critical care at no cost to the patients who need this care the most," stated Patrick Dunham, CEO of HealthStat Rx. "We are privileged to be able to support these organizations in their mission to raise quality of services in an economically challenging environment. We look forward to assisting premier healthcare providers in breaking down barriers between patients in need and the care they deserve."

About HealthStat Rx

HealthStat Rx treats patients nationwide through its medication management protocols, including medication reconciliation and establishment of personalized medication regimens, and supports its provider partners and care coordination with its award-winning EMR, MedPlan™. HealthStat Rx’s healthcare professionals provide individualized care proven to improve the lives of chronically ill patients.

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